Salvatio Push

Made by Women for all

Emergency Button and Social Rescue App connecting you to a community of responders potentially saving your life or the life of a loved one.

Peace of mind

With Salvatio Push you are never alone. Press once to alert your community, press twice to call off the alarm, or three times if your life is in danger.

Social Rescue

Wear Salvatio Push on your clothes, keep it in your pocket or place it in your car. Notify family members, friends or entire community in case of danger.

Personal safety

Salvatio Push is all about fast and intelligent response in case of emergency. Our AI is constantly working to improve your personal safety.

How the system works

Salvatio Push explained in 3 simple steps.

Push button

You push the button when in danger to notify your community of responders.

Alert community

Community gets notification with your exact location when an alarm is triggered.

Await response​

Responders will help you while assisting authorities and saving valuable time.


High Quality

Salvatio Push is beautifully designed and durable. The button comes with a 2-year warranty and the strap can be modified to accessorize any outfit.

Fall Sensor

Our built-in fall sensor detects any type of fall and automatically alerts your contacts after 120 seconds if no additional movement is detected.


Salvatio Push Active is designed for outdoors and active users who need an extra sense of security in dangerous situations and remote locations.

Simple Setup

Just download the Salvatio Push App and pair with your smartphone – and you are ready to go. Push once to alert your contacts and twice to call off the alarm.

Discrete Design

Salvatio Push is easily hidden beneath your clothes or in a pocket. Use the pre-defined push sequences to notify your contacts in the event of an assault or a fall.

Warning System

Salvatio Push AI aggregates information about assaults in a realtime updated global map notifying users about to enter or leave dangerous areas.

0 m
bluethooth 5.1 reach

Salvatio Push can drastically reduce the waiting time to receive assistance or medical attention.

Salvatio Push App

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Multi Language

Emergency contacts

Push sequences

Response map

Easy to use

GPS notifications

Salvatio community

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