Salvatio Push made by a woman for women and elderly with care and empathy.
By saving a waiting time you can save a life.

Salvatio Push is a wearable Emergency Button and App that may save life of your beloved!
This App will automatically send alerts in an emergency which dramatically reduces waiting times.


Salvatio founded in 2017, by a woman, traveller, expatriate and a business developer who are excited to be able to provide this new product to you.


Innovative technology

Can be worn on the person or used as a car device.Connects with each individual's closest social and family network.


Better understands an individual's needs and improves your safety

Salvatio Push provides emergency help options whether it be a life emergency, a call for help, or to safeguard a stolen phone.


Designed to improve peace of mind

Salvatio Push designed to help during any emergency.

Get a help from your closest network

This device will reduce waiting time during an emergency, potentially saving lives.

  • No membership required

The button connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone's App.

  • Bluetooth and Accelerometer

The Button communicates with a smartphone via new generation of Bluetooth, that gives options for the longer distance between the button and a smartphone.
Sends information on the cases of falls.

  • Operates by push

The button operates by push and it prompts communication with a SMS. This enables the receiver to get information about the current situation as well as tracking the location.

  • The button indicates the type of Emergency

The button indicates the type of Emergency - life in danger, help needed, or phone being stolen.

  • Send back up of the data to the Cloud

In case of a stolen phone, the system will start to send data to the Cloud and make a picture of the first opening of the phone.

  • The button can be worn on different ways

Items can be worn on the person such as a magnetic button, necklace, and a bracelet.

Meet our team

Our team is a group of believers in innovation who help to provide our product


Nathalie Feldman


Business development and Sales

More than eight years of business development and sales experience. Consulting experience working with CIS projects, a purchaser of electronic components.


Volodimyr Gutsu


APP developer

More than 4 years experience in Software and Apps Development including electronics assembly and soldering.


Julia Dryhush


UI/UX designer

More than 5 years experience as a senior designer and team leader in a design studio collaborating with Start ups.


Anastasia Scavee


Casing designer

Experienced product and visualization designer with 7+ years of experience including designing and creating products.


Domas Triksys


Digital concept developer

More than 3 years experience in front-end development, graphic design, video production and 1,5 years experience in digital concept development.


Salvatio IvS Jelling, Denmark CVR:39220407

  • + 45 53 13 92 38