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Share with us your story and experience to help and prevent others.


Share with us your story and experience

Nathalie's Story (Founder of Salvatio Push)

One day, on one of my business trips, one of the collaborators who was a man with a high position was supposed to bring me a printed document needed to complete a task. He told me he had forgotten the document and that we should drive back to his office. Instead, he drove me to the forest on a frozen winter dark evening. I have found myself sitting in the car with a large-sized man with no one around to help in the middle of nowhere. I felt fear for my life and thought I was going to die there in that forest and no one will know where to look after me. The only option I could try was to convince him about the importance of his position and his future life. After 3 long hours, I succeeded. He drove me back to a populated area and I have never seen him again.

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